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Human Resources Generalist – 40hr Online Course

HR generalists are in control of many facets of the human resources department. They are skilled in helping new hires get situated and trained. They are also often in charge of maintaining safety procedures as well as employee training. They usually report their activities and observations to the HR manager.

Since they are knowledgeable about the daily happenings of employees, they are often called on to advise the rest of an organization, about employee communication. 

HR generalists work in an HR office or department to ensure that all employees are properly hired, situated, and managed. HR generalists focus on the day-to-day details and tasks within HR, such as taking care of recruiting and implementing programs. They, like other HR specialists, usually work in an office environment. 

Some of our students were HR Assistants before they enrolled in the Generalist course.  Most however – took our course in preparation for switching careers, departments, or entering the profession after completing their military service. 

Here’s a list of the topics covered in this course:

(Students Receive One Module / Via Email, Per Day, For 5 Days) 

1. Human Resources – An Overview

2. Employee Protection Laws (United States) 

3. Compensation Laws (United States) 

4. FSLA & ADA (United States) 

5. Absenteeism Controls 

6. Recruiting & Staffing Duties 

7. Onboarding & Orientation 

8. Compensation & Benefits Duties 

9. Preventing Sexual Harassment   

Feel free to enroll in one of our free 2hr courses. Get to know us before you invest your hard-earned money. There is no obligation. If you do decide to enroll in this course, the tuition is only $347.00 US

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