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HR Benefits Specialist – 16hr Online Course

hr benefits specialist certification course human resources

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HR Benefits Specialists are champions whose main job is focused on the programs designed to help protect employees and their families from the economic hardships caused by illness, disability, loss of life, or unemployment.

HR Benefits Specialists also manage the programs aimed toward providing retirement income for the employee & family, as well as suitable assistance programs. (Such as time off from work.)

HR Benefits Specialists may be in their office one day… and find themselves in a meeting room, training staff… on another day.

For the above reasons – this course was created! Most students that take our course, did so in preparation for switching careers, departments or entering the profession after completing their military service.

Here’s a list of the topics covered in this course:

(Students Receive One Module / Via Email, Per Day, For 2 Days)

1. Overview – Human Resources Department

2. Position Overview – HR Benefits Specialist

3. Three Main Categories Of Benefits

4. Employee Benefits Software Systems

5. Keeping Your Employees Informed

6. Open Enrollment Time

7. The Overall Benefit To Your Company When Communication Goes Well

8. Specific ‘HR Benefits Specialist’ Career Information

9. Resources For The HR Benefits Specialist


Feel free to enroll in one of our free 2hr courses.  Get to know us before you invest your hard-earned money. There is no obligation. If you do decide to enroll in this course, the tuition is only $217.00 US.

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